FRANKIE STUBBS: Blood Orange Moon: 7”

Sep 29, 2020

I seriously have to believe in miracles sometimes. When this first came out, I couldn’t order a copy and then it quickly sold out. Sure, I bought a download, but it really stung not getting a copy of the vinyl. Well, my beloved Razorcake came through with this here review copy… Speaking of miracles, any new music from our lord and savior Frankie Stubbs should be treated with the utmost reverence. This is a pure joy to listen to. Four gravel-voiced acoustic beacons of light shining bright in the dark abyss that is this year. We all may cry daily now (or is that just me?) but I highly recommend throwing this on to switch it up for some tears of joy. You will always have my heart, Frankie. –Ty Stranglehold (Little Rocket)

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