FRANKIE STUBBS: Blood Orange Moon: 7”

Dec 03, 2020

Hated this the first few times I listened to it. Considered it tinny, poorly-recorded, and navel-gazing. I don’t know what’s changed in the interim—the West Coast was recently subsumed by either flames or smoke, so my kids couldn’t go to school or go outside, the death tolls from a containable pandemic continue to rise, the President has said COVID shouldn’t “run people’s lives,”—but it reads differently to me now. Much like Tommy Strange’s (of Strawman, Songs For Emma, etc.) solo 7”, this single now comes across as intimate and warm, vulnerable, if still a little plodding. Stubbs, frontman for the indomitable Leatherface, has only his acoustic backing him here, and there’s some nice guitarwork going on. His voice is reedy and careworn. Most fans of the band will probably love the hell out of this (there’s at least one Leatherface song that I recognize here), though I can’t imagine fans of, like, acoustic folk music being greatly moved. One of those albums where you know if you want it, regardless of whatever dumb stuff I say. –Keith Rosson (Rad Girlfriend)