FPB: Rockfest Live 1986: LP

May 24, 2022

FPB stands for Fourth Price Band, a play on words that involves bottom-shelf liquor and being an underground rock group in 1980s Czechoslovakia. At the time, the government banned a lot of rebellious music, forcing bands like FPB to perform under aliases to avoid persecution. Rockfest86 marks a change: it was a government-sponsored music festival where many previously banned bands, including FPB, performed. This live LP, pressed from what sounds like a soundboard recording, captures their celebratory set—thirteen songs of bright and restless punk, with hints of new wave, catchy hooks, and lyrics about greed and ego that hit harder when you consider the conditions that spawned them. This is a rousing set of songs, and an intriguing and necessary document of a time and place where being a punk came with tangible risks. –Chris Terry (punkrock.cz)