FOXFIRES: Marginalia: 7”

Nov 20, 2023

Worcester, Mass.’s Foxfires have been quietly putting out amazing records since their self-titled 7” back in 2011. I reviewed their The Golden Age 7” back in issue 77, and everything I said about the band then still applies on Marginalia. Their riffs are insanely catchy, and the songwriting and musicianship remain excellent. Lyrically, Foxfires have always wrestled with personal and introspective topics, with a lot of literary, visual, and storytelling elements. It’s some big brain stuff, and I appreciate it. How many hardcore bands can namedrop and quote Thoreau in a song, as Foxfires do in the track “Cold Moon,” and have you wanting to scream along to every word? –Paul J. Comeau (Glue Man, [email protected])

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