FOREVER AND EVERYTHING #7, 4½” x 6½”, offset, color, 40 pgs.

Jul 20, 2021

As Kyle states on the very first page, this is “the obligatory coronavirus issue.” It was really nice to revisit those early days and remind myself how little regard we all were giving this virus at the start. Kyle also does a great job at showing the pace of how quickly society went from “unaffected and disinterested,” to “holy fuck we’re all gonna die.” Kyle is an art teacher and lives in the 9th ward of New Orleans. We all have our own arc in this nightmare, but it’s wonderfully reassuring to see similarities in our experiences, because that’s what binds us all together in this mess. Then on the other side, our differences help me to be grateful for what I have. Kyle is married with a young child. Through the comic I get to see what it was like for him to hold the stress and anxiety for his whole family, whereas I have roommates who all take care of themselves. The panels of him packing up his classroom and saying bye to his space for an unknown amount of time was extremely relatable. I was told on a Thursday to make learning packets for kindergarten because the next day the district was shutting down for two weeks, which turned into one year. There’s plenty of levity in this too, though! Pick this up if you want some laughs with an equal dose of reality about one person’s experience navigating this mess. –Kayla Greet (Kyle Bravo,

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