Jul 20, 2022

I initially thought this was kinda dippy because I thought it sounded like if Living in Darkness-era Agent Orange had wanted to sound like those Battle of the Garages albums on Voxx Records instead of like old surf records but hired Lux Interior to create their song titles, and how interested is any rational person in hearing the late ’60s thru the lens of the eighties these days? I came around within a few songs, however, due to the band’s fun-loving Groovie Ghoulies-esque character, their occasional flourishes of Misfits-like swagger, and their reasonably masterful ability to transmit their love of psychedelic eyeballs, cute skulls, and alluring disembodied heads to the listener. Then I found out this record is actually a reissue of an album from 1993, which fucked with my worldview to the point where surrender was my only option. My current encapsulation is something along the lines of “a cross between the Groovie Ghoulies, Beware The Misfits, and the Tell-Tale Hearts,” but the bottom line is that if you are generally inclined to like this sort of thing, it is difficult to imagine that you will not dig this cra-a-azy grave. Boo means yay! BEST SONG: “Spiderbite.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Pardon My Ghoulish Laughter.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Lars Bonfire: stun guitar.”–Rev. Nørb (Wastedwax,

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