Nov 26, 2018

As of this writing, it is now October. October means Halloween and Halloween means the Forbidden Dimension in my house. In an instance of great timing, Calgary Alberta’s legendary horror rockers are celebrating their thirtieth year on this mortal plane with the release of their seventh full length album. As with their previous few albums, there is a heavy dose of ’70s rock in the mix with their trademark garage punk stylings. It’s as if Phil Lynott, Lemmy, Glenn Danzig, and Lux Interior all managed to get trapped in the same teleportation experiment and came out the other side as a horrible Brundlefly of a beast named Jackson Phibes. I think my favorite songs this time around are “Subjugation Fantasy Camp,” “Fang Song,” and “Infiltrating the Crypt of Graf Shambal-Oelek.” Great all year round, but especially great in the fall when things need to be creepy. The second disc is entitled 13 Bloody Greats Alive and features some of FD’s earlier work “live” from Catheter, Alberta. Here’s to another thirty amazingly creepy years! –Ty Stranglehold (Fuzzwarp)