FORBIDDEN DIMENSION: It’s a Morbid, Morbid, Morbid World!: CD

May 31, 2017

Calgary’s Forbidden Dimension has been doing what it does for a long time, and it has its sound and shtick nailed down tight. Starting back in the late ‘80s as one ghoul (Jackson Phibes) and his drum machine, Forbidden Dimension has mutated many times over the decades into several forms (usually of the three-piece variety), releasing caskets-full of albums and singles to the zombie hordes. Horror rock is what they do. Think Lovecraftian tales of shambling monsters and alien oppressors but through a much less serious EC Comics type of lens set to some searing ‘70s rock and punk riffs via a mouldering, cobweb-filled cellar. This is their sixth proper album and I am pleased to report that this bloated corpse still has some quality death rattles to give up. Summon this into your life as soon as possible. –Ty Stranglehold (Self-released)

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