FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE: The Sour Lemon Score: 3” CD-R Forever Is Composed of Nows: 2 x 3” CD-R

The Sour Lemon Score is just over fifteen minutes of dark, ambient noise. Minimal and spare, it gives off an eerie, creepy vibe with its low, quiet tones. Its ominous feel made me want to listen to it with the lights out, but to be honest, I just don’t have the guts. However, I will come back for repeated well-lit listening. As the sharp, stabby synths of Forever Is Composed of Nows’ first track, “Nows 2,” thins out into the unsettling second track, “Nows 3,” this release takes on an atmosphere of unease that stays with the listener all the way through. While The Sour Lemon Score relies on a more ambient approach to give you a similar emotional unrest, Forever is a bit more active, using washes of synth, chopping sound cuts, phaser zaps, and spaced-out percussion to bring about a weird ’50s sci-fi mood. Tension also builds up in its itchy quietness as these sounds are thrown over the top of the mix. That’s not to say it’s faster or louder than Score. It’s still a soundscape that makes a lot of use of space, but it’s less likely to blend into the background and leaves you with more Cold War-style paranoia than sinister fear. –Craven Rock (Inner Demons, /