FLYSCREEN: Size Five Leather 2020: CD

Sep 29, 2020

Flyscreen hailed from Newport, Wales—which around the time this four track EP was first being released—was being dubbed by music journalists “the new Seattle.” It was a decent local band most notable to me for the track “Carl Zeiss Jena,” a downbeat tune based around the habitually unfashionable football team, Newport County, taking on the East German—as was then—side of that name in a big European competition. We, my team of forty years now, lost that night but the game lives on in the folklore of the city and the song always moves me, given the memories of that dark night in 1981. This song features three times on this re-release, with two demos alongside the original! It’s a football-based collection, also referencing teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, and Leeds across the other three original tracks. “Stamford Bridge” takes on a Jawbreaker style whilst the other two tracks come across more like the band Therapy? You don’t have to be a football fan to enjoy this, as there are four decent originals and four additional versions of three of the tracks. –Rich Cocksedge (This Could Prove Fatal, [email protected],

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