FLUKE #18, $5 ppd., 5 ½” x 8 ½”, copied, 54 pgs.

Longtime readers of Fluke know the focus of this fantastic zine is a Venn diagram of punk rock, Little Rock regionalism, and graffiti. The thing that makes Matthew Thompson’s zine so fantastic is the way he approaches his interests with new angles. This time around, he interviews author Susan A. Phillips on her expansive history of Los Angeles graffiti. Gary Floyd of the Dicks returns for another interview, and longtime San Pedro scene stalwart Linda Kite writes a fantastic essay on a series of unorthodox destination punk rock shows recently spotlighted in Stuart Swezey’s film Desolation Center, plus essays on skateboarding, squats, and artwork by Nxoeed. Always informative, always a pleasure to read. –Michael T. Fournier (PO Box, 1547 Phoenix, AZ 85001)