FLOWERS ZINE #1, $10, 5½” x 8½”, color copied, 22 pgs.

Mar 28, 2018

I’ve been drawn to the allure of scrapbooking before, but never really stuck with it. So much beauty can come from this form of crafts, and while I’m not saying this zine is a scrapbook zine, much of how this zine is made and formatted echoes a scrapbook diary. Flowers is presented as a straight scan of Lindsey Mejia’s personal diary, where she posts her photography work alongside stickers, decorations, interviews with the models, and an actual press-dried flower on the last page. It’s even three dimensional, as some of the decorations were placed on the pages of the zine instead of just scanned. It makes the physicality of zines more tangible. Flower is beautiful, and leaves you with a calm sunset as its closer. –Iggy Nicklbottum (Lindsey Mejia,, flowerszine)