FLESHIES, THE: Introducing The Fleshies: LP

Aug 01, 2019

What better way to celebrate twenty years as a band than a name change and a new full-length. Good-bye Fleshies, thank you for the memories of bedlam and disorder, hello The Fleshies! Now, don’t think we’ve lost the band we all know and love with the addition of a single determiner word. The Fleshies still wield a sound of undiluted, cutting damnation. Introducing The Fleshies is a point by point checklist regarding the current shitstate we find ourselves in, and a call to arms for those to recognize their privilege and fuckin’ do something with it. The music is chaotic and catchy, shifting speeds and vocal stylings; you get a band with multiple bests. From the speedy, driving numbers, to droney, blown-out tracks, to the requisite weirdo pop anthem. It’s The Fleshies; they’re all over the place, climbing up your body and screaming in your ear. Let this record pump you up to give your conservative cousin a call and ask them why they’re acting like a fuckin’ asshole! Here’s to twenty more years of The Fleshies! –Daryl (Dirt Cult)