Apr 08, 2019

FOD (aka Flag Of Democracy) from Pennsylvania have been doing the punk thing since the early ’80s without many accolades or recognition in all that time, so cheers to them for fighting the good fight. I am admittedly not well versed on FOD’s accomplishments other than their songs on the Tomorrow Will Be Worse Vol. 3 7” set way back in 2002. What I took from that set of songs is that FOD do not take themselves seriously at all and that musically they can be all over the place. That’s exactly what you get on this cassette: some pop punk songs, some Sesame Street and Monkees covers, a fun acoustic song that doesn’t suck, and a few hardcore rippers. I doubt I’ll be working my way backwards to see if I’ve missed anything worth seeking out from their extensive back catalog anytime soon, but for now I can honestly say that this is a fun little seven-song cassette that will appeal to fans and casual fans alike. –Juan Espinosa (SRA, srarecords.com)