FITTED: First Fits: CD/LP

Dec 06, 2019

I’m not sure if Fitted can be called a supergroup, but they include Mike Watt and Wire members Graham Lewis and Matthew Simms, so that’s certainly something. The six songs on First Fits clock in at thirty-eight minutes and are a great mix of psych pop, punk, and math rock. The band came together in 2017 and after one practice they performed at a festival put on by Wire. I’m not sure how much they’ve practiced since then, but this sounds tight. Lewis and Watt trade off on vocal duties but Lewis handles the majority of them. The music can be repetitive but not in a bad way (“Plug in the Jug”). Other times the music is tribal and primal with obscure lyrics (such as “The Legend of Lydmar Lucia” with the lines “A seven floor pizza. His fun cuts each slice. The top is unfrozen and the people are nice.”) But those eccentricities don’t turn me off to First Fits. Instead I find myself intrigued and wanting more. There’s such a range in the styles while all falling under a category of Wire meets Mike Watt + The Missingmen. This foursome has taken the best of those parts and made a solid album. I can’t wait to hear more! –Kurt Morris (ORG Music,