FIT FOR ABUSE: Too Little, Too Late: 7” EP

Aug 02, 2017

Long thought lost to the annals of time, unreleased FFA tracks have been unearthed. This band released a 7” in the mid-‘90s (reissued as a 12” last year) then recorded sporadically ‘til 2003, although only four (that’s right, four) tracks ever saw the light of day. The first disk has three re-recorded tracks from the demo as well as smokingggg Abused and Iron Cross covers. This era featured Matt Kelly from the Dropkick Murphys singing. Ugly-as-fuck hardcore sounding like the bastard son of Poison Idea, Negative FX, and Negative Approach. As good as any record you own. –Tim Brooks (Warthog Speak, / Painkiller)