FISH I HAVE LOVED: THE LITERARY LIFE #3, $1.50, 5½” x 3”, copied, 24 pgs.

Mar 17, 2021

A surprisingly moving tribute to a fish called Eliot, Fish I Have Loved: The Literary Life #3 is a zine that will have you clutching your chest while exclaiming, “My emotions!” Anyone who has had a pet that has seen them through hard times and knows the special bond that forms will recognize themselves in this story that Vermicious Knid tells about their blue betta, which they named after T. S. Eliot “and particularly for ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,’” excerpts from which are sprinkled throughout the zine. During a peripatetic existence that saw Vermicious Knid sleeping in basements and living rooms, Eliot the fish was there, a constant in a life of uncertainty. When a housemate in one of these situations overfeeds Eliot and as a result kills him, the feelings of anger, loss, and grief are vicarious. As Vermicious Knid says in the zine, “I didn’t just miss having a fish. I missed him.” I don’t believe I’ve ever been as emotionally invested in a fish before reading Fish I Have Loved: The Literary Life #3. By the final pages, you will be, too. –Gina Murrell (Vermicious Knid,

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