ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES: Rake It in: The Greatestest Hits: CD

Aug 02, 2017

Even though this band has been around for over two decades, I have never heard so much as a note of music from them. I just never thought that well-known songs put through the Ryan Greene slickness machine would be something that would be appealing in any way. Turns out they sound exactly like what I always thought they would, although I will say that the melody for “Rainbow Connection” kind of works in the melodic punk style. It is interesting that this project has lasted so long and been so popular, but I guess that is the appeal of choosing songs that people already know and “punking” them up. They seem to hit exactly what they are shooting for and folks love them, so if you have been hankering for a “best of” collection, here you go folks. –Mike Frame (Fat Wreck)