FIRST (AND LAST?!) YR TEACHER DIARY COMIX!, $12, 5” x 7”, printed, 72 pgs.

Nov 15, 2022

Elly Dallas—author of my other favorite autobio zine about being an educator (Student Teacher Journal) and my constant repetition of the phrase “fuckin’ Pam”—is back with an ink-painted comic diary about her year teaching an art class to, presumably, junior high students. The diary has no plot, but does tell a story of burnout, empathy, conflicted emotions, and the deep, constant struggles of being a teacher. The art is somehow both quick and perfectly rendered, the quotes from the students are both hilarious and wildly inappropriate, the small moments of relatable life are captured in heartfelt ways (I have also had days where I cannot stop farting). It’s both relatable, and wholly Elly (because it’s her actual diary). –Donna Ramone (IG: @tenderspeck)

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