Mar 27, 2020

When I listened to this record, I had a strange revelation: Tyler Fassnacht, the singer of Fire Heads, reminds me of HR (Bad Brains). He does! I don’t mean that he sounds like him, but that he has an awesome singing-and-growling delivery that HR did oh so well. I fancy the hell out of both of their unique voices, and I unabashedly love Fire Heads. Their last album (self-titled) slayed me. Hailing from Madison, Wis., Fire Heads includes members of The Hussy, Proud Parents, Dumb Vision, and more. Sex Scenes is from Milwaukee, Wis., and they’ve got an LP, EP, and demo under their belt. I totally dig this new split, recorded and mixed by Bobby Hussy. The bands sound quite different and would be a good introduction for those curious people out there who somehow think that all punk sounds the same. Fire Heads: The beginning of the first song’s got a great guitar sound that reminded me of Voivod (that’s a compliment!). Throughout, the guitar has a more frenetic and sometimes screechy (in a good way) sound, and the whole band conveys an energy that makes me really want to see them live. Please tour soon, Fire Heads! Sex Scenes: My first time listening to Sex Scenes and I’m into it. In general, heavier and denser than Fire Heads—imagine a young Tad sitting in his basement room, reading science fiction and listening to Black Flag on the wrong speed. The last song, “Lovecraft Day Creme,” has a trippy guitar and a great bass line. It would be perfect for a sweaty singalong. Recommended! –Jennifer Federico (Big Neck,