Jan 27, 2023

Austin’s Fire Ant Season is a folk punk duo consisting of Tim “The Cat” on mandolin, banjo, and backup vocals, and “Nasty” Nate on guitar and lead vocals. On Bad Habits the duo is accompanied on select tracks by Corbin Young on drums and Andy Chang on banjo. They describe their music as “half-hearted melodies and full-hearted tragedies,” and “self-loathing and stuff.” Sad folks playing sad songs is typical for the genre, but Fire Ant Season stands out both in their lyricism and their delivery. Particularly on tracks like “Depression Is One Hell of a Drug (Imbalance)” and “Privilege Blues,” the band demonstrates a level of keen self-awareness that makes their wordplay impactful and not merely a pile of clichés. The way they meld these words with equally powerful music makes all five tracks on Bad Habits hold up well even after repeated listening. This cassette was just enough to get me into Fire Ant Season and leave me wanting more. –Paul J. Comeau (Fire Ant Season)

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