FIFTEEN: The Choice of a New Generation: LP

May 23, 2018

I’ve never heard of this band, however when I opened up my Razorcake package my partner immediately said, “WHOA Fifteen!” So I thought it would be amusing to interview him for my review. Here’s what Matt R. has to say about Fifteen: “I used to see them a lot in Petaluma (Calif.) at the Phoenix Theatre. They were one of the main bands of the era with Nuisance and Green Day. Twerps (my partner’s twee pop punk band circa early ‘90s) played a couple shows with them, you know, when there were like eight opening bands. The singer/guitarist was in Crimpshrine. I had this record when I was fifteen and then I had the great record purge of ‘93 and gave it away. Most records from that record purge I have since re-bought over the decades... but not this one.” This a re-release on Dead Broke Records. –Camylle Reynolds (Dead Broke)