FIFTEEN: The Choice of a New Generation: LP

Sep 26, 2018

Started this on 45 and it was pretty slow then I realized it’s supposed to be on 33. I forgot how much value this legendary East Bay band put into slowing it down so everyone can sing along. After decades of sorta rolling my eyes at Fifteen, I’m pleasantly surprised at how well these earnest songs work. Listening to Dead Broke’s reissues of Fifteen’s albums, I hear sincere electrified folk music from someone who’s seen some fucked-up stuff and is thinking harder about how they move through the world. Every slow‘n’gruff, not-quite-melodic-enough band since the mid ’90s can be traced back to Fifteen, but this record—their second LP—sounds fresh and thoughtful, and is a reminder that you can’t blame a unique band for their bland disciples’ lack of conviction. –Chris Terry (Dead Broke,