FIFTEEN: Extra Medium Kickball Star (17): LP

Nov 22, 2017

Fifteen has always been super hit or miss with me. They’ve got some good songs and they’ve got some downright painful draggers. So someone found a bunch of copies of the original press of this LP in a garage or something, and they repackaged ‘em in a new, two-color silkscreened cover. Hard to believe that Fifteen was already on their fourth LP by 1995, but such is the mercilessness of time and all that. What you need to know, if you don’t already: ex-Crimpshrine, hoarse vocals, mostly mid-tempo, staunchly anti-authoritarian, sometimes veers painfully close to punk funk. Ends with the song “Violation II,” which is a five-minute-long, muddy folk tune that was apparently sent to the band from a few folks in Indiana. Weird-ass, momentum-killing way to close out a record. Some folks argue that if you’ve heard one Fifteen record, you’ve heard them all. What do you think? –Keith Rosson (Dead Broke)