FIALKY, THE: Punk Rock Radio: CD

Listening to this album called back memories of high school in the ’90s, which wasn’t surprising when I learned that The Fialky got their start in 2000, which would make them contemporaries of many of the ’90s bands they reminded me of. According to their website, The Fialky are one of the biggest punk bands from the Czech Republic and cite the first wave of punk (’77) as their primary inspiration. Having released numerous albums and EPs in their twenty-year run, their latest album, Punk Rock Radio, features twelve songs of anthemic punk sure to inspire singalongs, even if you cannot comprehend the Czech language in which they’re sung (their website offers English translations of some of their biggest songs). Punk Rock Radio introduces a new generation of punks to a band showing no signs of slowing down. –Paul J. Comeau (papagajuv hlasatel,,