May 20, 2019

Fever Dream Horror Scene claim to play deathrock and, don’t get me wrong, it’s in their aesthetic and sound. Hell, the first track sounds like The Cure played on the wrong speed (which isn’t a bad thing—well, I guess it was on first spin—but I’m totally into it now). However, they seem to reference Midwestern post-hardcore like Slint and Crain, making for an interesting crossover. It’s heavy, dark, and at times atmospheric but not in an ambient way; it just creates a dark mood that latches onto you and won’t let you go. Seriously, it just envelopes you. It might not at first. At first you might say, “What the fuck is this? The Cure on the wrong speed?” But just wait until it gets its spooky little hooks in ya. –Craven Rock (Sister Cylinder, [email protected], sistercylinder.bandcamp.com)