FETISH: World Eater: CD

Dec 06, 2019

Fetish from Portland boasts quite the pedigree of hardcore punk personnel. With members of gods Poison Idea and stalwarts Long Knife you better believe you’re in for an ass whooping. Nine songs of proven track record hardcore punk with a healthy mix of rockin’ stompers and hardcore moshers all with vocalist Colin Jarrell’s patented acid-throated, rapid fire vocal delivery. The song “Voyager” is a fucking journey. Take that however you will. Nightmare-inducing cover artwork rounds out a solid fucking punk record that I’m sure will make several top ten of 2019 lists. Speaking of nightmare-inducing: the band photo on the CD booklet. Man, if I didn’t know these guys were hardcore punk legends I’d probably turn and run the other way if I saw these dudes walking towards me. –Juan Espinosa (Blackhouse, blackhouserecordsinc.com)