Jan 21, 2022

London-based grunge/alt-rockers Femegades assembled in 2020 to “write songs about things that matter to us.” The band quickly wrote an EP worth of material, which became Pornsick, and landed on the label Regent Street. Listening to Pornsick, you might swear it’s 1991, and not 2021. There’s an almost timeless quality to the band’s sound. Lyrically, the band are firmly grounded in the present, taking on pornography and the porn industry in “Pornsick,” sex and relationships in “Safe Sex,” and other issues. There are no light topics in Femegades’s lyrics. Their singer’s beautiful voice and the riffs they play mask the heaviness of the subject matter to the casual listener. “Coercion is not my consent,” is the line that sticks in the mind from “Pornsick,” and there are others. The musicianship and songwriting on Pornsick are truly flawless, with something new to appreciate with each listen. Combine those with the band’s strong message, and the result is a debut we will likely be talking about for years to come. –Paul J. Comeau (Regent Street, [email protected])