FEAR, SAFETY, AND FEMMES, $5, 5½” x 7½”, pink copied zine, 18 pgs.

May 23, 2018

Fear, Safety, and Femmes is a compilation zine themed around what makes us feel safe and what makes us feel as though we are in danger. Which places and people make us feel safe, and why? Which places and people give us a fear or cause for danger? The different submissions ranged from people who are afraid of empty locations (streets where people aren’t around), people who feel unsafe if they’re in a place with “too many straight white dudes,” or how to read someone who comes off as aggressive in their language or gestures. There was an overwhelmingly common theme from the submissions that sounded like most of them are afraid of the unknown and places they aren’t familiar with, which was interesting but made me feel a little bit sad. The things that made a lot of the writers feel safe seemed to be bustling and familiar cities, smiling faces, and friendly people—which I understand—but also makes me wonder what danger and fear are to most people, and how much of it is a constructed narrative that we’ve been fed. I would like to see a part two of this zine where all the submissions are from men or male-identifying writers to see what places and people make them feel safe or in danger. –Tricia Ramos ([email protected], viceversapress.com)