FAZ WALTZ: Rebel Kicks: LP

Sep 29, 2020

I like Faz Waltz just fine. I bought a couple of their albums of my own free will. I generally enjoy the whole junkshop/glam/punk/bovver/whatever thing. But, for purposes of conducting this review with brevity, clarity, and let’s-just-call-a-spade-a-spade-ity, the quick and dirty on Faz Waltz are that they are an Italian band who sound like, are not as good as, and release records twice as often as, Guida. I mean, I find the band’s output to be pretty consistently enjoyable—as you likely would were you inclined to enjoy this sort of thing, as you may or may not be—but, at no point, do I ever find myself motivated to get up and move the stylus back so I can hear a song twice in a row, or to call a friend and tell them “Hey, you gotta hear this!”, or to turn it up so loud the neighbors have no choice but to listen. They have a lot of good songs, but no great ones. Thus, whether or not I would recommend this album to you is largely dependent on how much of an impact you currently demand a new record to have on your life before you add it to your collection. I’ve never really been motivated to hunt down the Faz Waltz albums I don’t own, yet I can’t rule out purchasing them at some point, either. They have cool covers. I can’t tell if the song on here that sounds like David Bowie is a step in the right or the wrong direction. Kind of a coin flip on this one. BEST SONG: “Last Train to Nowhere.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Rebel Kicks.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Mastered by a guy whose last name is “Zamboni.” –Rev. Nørb (Spaghetty Town / Surfin’ Ki / Contra)