FAZ WALTZ: On the Ball: LP

Sep 22, 2022

If you want to describe the concept of a “major departure” to a novice, this eighth album from Italy’s glam rock act Faz Waltz is a definitive example. Faz Waltz is known for their glitter throwback style, but this time around, they went a completely different direction, recreating classic rockabilly on each track. There’s no irony, no punk infusion, and none of the tropes present on their other releases anywhere in sight. Instead, you get an LP full of nods to early 1950s rock. Showcasing the flexibility and talent of Faz Waltz, it’s a fun go around that transcends gimmick album territory. –Art Ettinger (Spaghetty Town, spaghettytownrecords.bigcartel.com)

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