Sep 26, 2019

This Nashville band does a nice job of straddling the line between taut and wavey and rock and rolly, sounding not unlike if the first album by that old new wave band The Reds was good all the way through, or if Code Blue grew a pair. By the end of side two, things just sound like Can or some weird shit like that, but on the whole, this is seriously solid. Judging by what passes for artwork on this tape’s J-card, Burger Records will not be satisfied with merely bringing back the cassette format, they also seem to be advancing the return of the inkjet printer. I dunno your feelings on the matter, but I simply can’t wait until other awesome things like flat top beer cans and belted feminine hygiene products are back in vogue. BEST SONG “Stress Kills.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Drop Kick Heartache.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Seriously, your packaging sucks. –Rev. Nørb (Burger)