FATUM / DECADE: Split: 12” EP

Mar 15, 2022

This Russian metal split EP has six record label logos on the back. A lot of labels wanted to see this record finished. Fatum’s side opens with “Cursed,” a song with a viciously simple, raw chord progression with a hint of ’80s black metal in the production. The Decade’s side kicks off with “The Return”: watery bass rumblings giving way to a mid-tempo, trudging power chord riff. The production and simplicity of the “overblown ’80s guitar evil” places it under the influence of Celtic Frost-era under production, although a wicked solo segment rises with evil harmonies leading the charge. Both sides pull it off with raw, heavy production without sounding too clean. Here are two solid metal bands sharing the slab. –Billups Allen (Insane Society / Monolith, and more!)