Jan 18, 2017

The cool waters of Holland collide with the wavering heat of California’s Palm Desert on this two-song instrumental split. Desert rock godfathers Fatso Jetson dominate the A side with “Dream Homes,” an almost seven-minute psych trip all the way out to Joshua Tree and back again, which was plucked from the CD release of their 2016 full-length, Idle Hands. A family affair these days—featuring legendary frontman Mario Lalli and his son Dino Von Lalli on guitars, as well as Mario’s cousin Larry Lalli on bass—Fatso Jetson launch into their unique brand of stoner rock transfused with jazz, punk, and surf sensibilities at the top of the track. The guitars wail like coyotes in the darkness. As it progresses, the song’s massive riff and steadfast groove begin to capsize, warp, and twist as though the drugs are taking hold. Toward the end, the improvisational psych guitar becomes ominous, dragging the listener deeper into the void before the clouds part and “Dream Homes” floats away on the wings of a ghostly organ. But the ride ain’t over yet, as Dutch surfrockers del-Toros are close behind with “Die Cast” on the split’s B side. Undulating between Casino Royale samples—the 1954 made-for-TV iteration featuring everyone’s favorite James Bond… Barry Nelson—ringing surf guitar, and classic rock devotion run through a stoner rock filter, the track ebbs and flows like the tide before reaching a frenetic crescendo in the middle third. “Die Cast” then settles back into its riff, concluding the story embedded in its samples and exemplifying the band’s cinematic approach. Bond’s adversary, Le Chiffre, may have gambled and lost, but both Fatso Jetson and del-Toros won big with this epic release. –Kelley O’Death (Shattered Platter, [email protected], shatteredplatter.com)

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