FATHER’S DAY: Goodbye 1506: CD

Aug 02, 2017

The 1506 Trunk Space is an all-ages venue in Phoenix that was open for twelve years before relocating from their Grand Avenue spot. Father’s Day recorded their set at the final show to happen at the original Trunk Space, and this CD is made up of their seventeen song set list (plus intro). Father’s Day is self-proclaimed “angry dad punk rock n roll.” The beginning of this album started off promising with “Disney World,” a song about how a dad was never going to take his kids to Disney World. I get it, Disney World is expensive and can be chaotic, and that is definitely something a dad could say. Parody is really hard to get right, and the album progressed into songs that made me cringe, such as “My Son’s a Gay” and “Get in the Kitchen.” After that, the song titles and lyrics kept getting worse. I understand that the band tried to be funny, but I feel like Father’s Day is going about it too literally in an offensive/conservative parent sense. The lead singer even notes that people say they need to stop, and think they are a joke band (though they claim not to be), and I agree with what the critics say. This album signifies the closing of a venue, and it should also have signified the ending of this band’s gimmick. ­–Cynthia Pinedo (Related)