FAST EDDY: Toofer One: 7”

Feb 06, 2020

Debut single from this Denver band, presumably named after the Rose Tattoo song “The Butcher and Fast Eddy,” and going strong for a few years at this point. Produced by Tuk of the Biters, the sound quality on this record is fantastic: big and full and clear. There is a bit of a variety in sound, from the power pop vibe of “Milwaukee,” to the glam rockin’ “Hurricane Alley,” to “Lost” going full-on rawk. Old bastards like me will hear a band likely to have been found on a Junk Records show two decades back, opening up for, say, New Wave Hookers and The Dragons and holding their own. Most newer bands I’ve heard do not have the songwriting ability to pull this sound off, but Fast Eddy bring it on this single and I am looking forward to hearing a full length record in the near future. –Mike Frame (Boulevard Trash)