FANTASY ARCADE: Self-titled: 7”

Aug 25, 2016

Debut release from this San Diego trio, featuring a gaggle of longtime scene veterans who’ve cut their teeth in a plethora of punk, hardcore, and metal bands over the last thirty years or so (past bands include Life Crisis, Death Crisis, Titanarum, October Allied, amongst many, many others). Fantasy Arcade rips through a half dozen quick, pummeling blasts of incredibly tight, intricate, and complex hardcore with heavy-as-fuck guitars, monstrously pounding drums, dizzying time signatures and tempo changes, plus healthy amounts of doom and thrash mixed in to satisfy the cravings of your inner hesher. Also, the fantasy in the band’s name is no coincidence, as song titles, such as “The March of the Gnome Army” and “The Dwarves Are Missing” are found here, along with other lyrical themes, such as wizards and warlocks. The fantasy game is strong with these dudes. This is a fun listen. Blast this shit at your next D&D game or Game of Thrones watch party. –Jeff Proctor (Too Old To Die,