Jul 25, 2018

Lots of references to wayback machines and teleportation surrounding this girl/guy duo. Speaking of, this was released in 2016, so I think it in itself was wedged in some dark crevasse of the teleport machine and only now dislodged into my review pile. That said, this five-song EP totally hits me as a daft mashup between Devo’s Duty Now for the Future and Felix Da Housecat’s Devin Dazzle & the Neon Fever CD. Somehow, I think the Plastics would be happy with the comparisons. I am not sure if this would appeal to the average Razorcake reader, but if smart, punky, retro synth pop has a place in your heart, you may want to investigate this release. If you happen to have been keen on the likes of Servotron and the above-mentioned Devo like myself, then by all means seek this out, like right now. –Garrett Barnwell (Altercation,