Fall Through By Nate Powell, 192 pgs.

Mar 19, 2024

To list the aspects I love about this book would take more time than I think any of us have. And no one has less time than the band Diamond Mine and their time/space-destroying song “Fall Through.” There are two thematic narratives as I see it. One is the sci-fi/fantasy stoner philosophy that speculates on the meaning of legend and effort. The other: a tale of connection and love, with the force of music as the connecting thread between wayward souls. Fall Through weaves both of these tales together, and in turn offers a guided meditation on the life of music outside of those who make it. Fall Through accomplishes both, being a compelling narrative and being the most accurate depiction of “the scene” I’ve ever seen committed to the page. Powell’s level of detail is unsung. The intimate machinations of strangers, the kindnesses we pay to people who we only know in the abstract.

Powell has taken a number of aesthetic choices that make the visual style beautifully idiosyncratic. The lettering flows through the panels and pages, dancing with the audience and leading our eyes towards new horizons. The pages drip into black as the night comes on and returns to a shining white when it’s daytime. The color palette mostly works in purple and gray until a band starts playing, which lights the area in an electric yellow. It’s a great book. One that I’ll pass around to my friends, point to various pages and say, “This is us!” Highly recommended. –Gwen Static (Abrams Comics Arts)

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