FAIM: Your Life and Nothing Else: LP

May 15, 2023

After seven years, Your Life and Nothing Else represent Faim’s final hurrah before calling it a day. In that time the band has pummeled many a pair of ears with its unwavering hardcore onslaught with Kat Lanzillo using every ounce of energy she has to shred her throat as she emits her vocals. There’s no hiding from the rage she unleashes, and—although the album takes an introspective sidestep with the post-punk stylings of “What I Want Back Is What I Was” and “The Fallacy of Existence”—it does nothing to quell her presence or the intensity of the music. It’s sad to see Faim go but it’s looking like I could get to see them here in the U.K. before the curtain is finally drawn on the band’s existence. That would definitely be worth a four-hour midweek roundtrip. –Rich Cocksedge (Safe Inside, [email protected], safeinsiderecords.com)

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