FAIL SONS: Three Tapes: CD

Sep 16, 2021

Fail Sons play poppy punk that has been consistently compared (even by themselves) to a ’90s East Bay sound. I think of this D.C. outfit more as the Riverdales meet early-’80s punk/hardcore that has lots of yelling, and I also sense Teengenerate-ish frenetic savagery here and there. (I may be off the mark with all that, but I’m sticking to it, dammit!) This record is Fail Sons’ early tapes brought together (or so it seems), and it’s fast, catchy, and lo-fi in the best possible way. All in all, this was very much worth my time and I look forward to more time well spent in the future with Fail Sons. –The Lord Kveldulfr (Bloated Kat)