Jul 20, 2021

Melodic hardcore which stands alongside the likes of fellow German band Abriss in being gritty and forceful yet which has the drive and tunes that are reminiscent of Toxoplasma. Lyrics are in the native language so I’m not able to comment directly on the message, but reading about the band the anger that is evident seems to be focused on a plethora of well-known targets. However, there are moments of self-reflection too, and trying to identify how one can be a better person, or at least improve yourself as much as you can. It’s good to know that introspective element is there even if I can’t pinpoint exactly where! I’m really enjoying this and, as the band is new to me, there is a healthy back catalog to work my way through now. –Rich Cocksedge (Aggressive Punk Productions, [email protected], aggressivepunkproduktionen.de)