FACTION, THE: Room 101: LP

Sep 22, 2022

The best skate rock band of all time have been reissuing their goods like it’s going out of style. I’m all about it, as they are one of the standard bearers of fast, angst-ridden, teenage rage hardcore. For the uninitiated, I would go grab their first LP or any of their studio recordings to really get a feel for their Northern Cali hardcore vibes. The songs are fun and goofy, not unlike the very first Descendents EP. What we have here is the early incarnation if the band with their first two demos (I’m assuming the next step was the first EP). The recording sounds like it was recorded in a bucket, but you can hear what makes this band so great. There are a few songs that never made it to wax, so The Faction nerds need to get this. I love this band so much but have to say this release is for completists or Faction hardcores. Now go get Cokes. –Tim Brooks (IM, IMRecordStore.com)