FACTION, THE: Late Night Live!: 2 x LP

Jan 05, 2022

What were you doing Halloween night, 1984? I was seven and trick-or-treating in Goleta, California, probably dressed as Darth Vader or something awesome. 297 miles north and equally awesome, legendary San Jose skate punks The Faction played live on KFJC in Los Altos Hills. That live radio set was preserved on half-inch Ampex tape for the last thirty-seven years and is now released on vinyl; a powerful testament to what this underrated band sounded like in their prime. Recorded before the Dark Room record was released, this is a superb live-in-the-studio document of what are essentially the best Faction songs up to this point, including early versions of those Dark Room classics. Complemented with interview segments and liner notes from the KFJC DJ who championed the band, this is an essential piece of history for Northern California punk rock. –Chad Williams (IM, imrecordsstore.com, thefaction.bandcamp.com)