FACTION, THE: Corpse in Disguise: 12”

Aug 25, 2016

The Faction’s 1984 7” reissued in an expanded edition for Record Store Day. I believe this is the last recording of the original lineup. If you’re unfamiliar with the Faction, they are a halfway decent SoCal hardcore band that was active in the early 1980s and were somewhat big because they supplanted themselves in the skate community (Steve Caballero was the bassist and eventual guitar player). If you’re into harder but melodic bands from the early L.A. hardcore scene (Adolescents, DI, TSOL) then this is a slightly more obscure release from that era that is worth your time to check out. There are a couple tracks thrown on the end (“Pegged for Life,” “Demons”) that were also on the CD discography a few years back but weren’t on the original release. Cool blue vinyl. –Ian Wise (Beer City, beercity.com)