FACILITY MEN: It’s Fun to Disappear: LP

Shouty post-hardcore that makes me think of Hoover—songs that groove with some great discordant color sprays of guitar—though Facility Men are a little more high-powered, and they capture a shade of that aggressive rust belt/rural feeling I recognize as a lifelong Western New Yorker, up to and including some disjointed, out-there rambling. I’m thinking mostly of “Futility Den,” and its evocation of what I think are sexual favors performed by ghost? Am I understanding this correctly? I’m not here to kink-shame, I don’t judge. They also talk about the alienating effects of time, labor, about restlessness, and the way things can leave and never come back. If you’re in the older, working 9-5, slowly-getting-less-social camp of punk rockers, or even if you’re just very isolated, this record may be your new jam, intense visuals and all. –Matt Werts (Big Neck, bigneckrecords.com)