F.U.’S: Death Squad Nostalgia: 12” EP

Jan 27, 2023

One of Boston’s oldest, and finest, hardcore bands release a new EP, their first under this name (they later went under the name Straw Dogs for a spell) since 1984’s Do We Really Want to Hurt You? LP. Six new originals and a cover of the Kris Kristofferson hit “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down.” Truth be told, I’m always a wee bit wary when a “classic” band releases new material—not that I’d ever dissuade ’em, ’cause I’ll always have much more respect for a band that at least tries to come up with something new instead of essentially karaokeing past glories into the ground; but some folks clearly kinda lose their way and it’s obvious they’re either trying too goddamned hard in all the wrong ways to recapture their magic, or not trying at all. That ain’t the case here, Sparky. From first note to last, these cats whoop it up in fine fashion, with thrashy anthems that pick up right where the last release left off thirty-eight years ago without sounding dated at all; top-shelf performances and astute lyrical content addressing life in twenty-first century U.S.A., in all its horror (the ode to Mexican Coke notwithstanding), without coming within a mile of sounding preachy. More succinctly: this is fuckin’ killer and here’s hoping some more racket from ’em is on the way. –Jimmy Alvarado (Yankee Vandal / F.U.’s, fusmusic2.bandcamp.com)

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