Apr 08, 2019

For your information, F. Emasculata was the twenty-second episode of the second season of The X-Files. It is also the name of the Cornish-based hardcore outfit which has a bit of a thing for that long running sci-fi series. This release features the band’s previous two EPs, both remixed and remastered, plus its latest six-track EP. That adds up to twenty-five bursts of explosive hardcore with nods everywhere to the activities of Mulder, Scully, and little green men. I saw the band support M.D.C. back in 2015 and enjoyed its set, but this collection really does make me wonder why I haven’t paid more attention to its existence. Although, by its own admission, with members also in Rash Decision and Swansong, time hasn’t allowed F. Emasculata to be as active as one might have hoped. This is powerful and fun, plus an added bonus for me is confirmation that the band will be supporting War On Women in June, so I’ll get to see it again. –Rich Cocksedge (Pumpkin, pumpkinrecords.co.uk)