EYES & EARS: Burn It Down to the Ground: The Complete Recordings: CS

Apr 08, 2019

This compilation collects all of the recordings of Eyes & Ears, a Denver power pop group with a relatively big range of garage stylings on offer in their recorded output. Sometimes catchy, sometimes grimy, and always tight, Eyes & Ears is the real deal when it comes to such things. A pet peeve of mine is when distortion is purely done in post, a common trait in this subgenre. I am happy to report that Eyes & Ears doesn’t seem to be doing much tinkering in that regard, as these songs probably sound similar live to how they do here. The cassette itself is limited to one hundred copies pressed on neat bronze metallic tapes, with a download code included. Now is the time to snatch one up, before it’s too late. –Art Ettinger (Snappy Little Numbers)