Nov 20, 2023

A couple of these guys have been in a slew of bands, including a couple of hardcore punk bands, and Eyes And Flys is a big departure from all of that, like J. Mascis and Lou Barlow going from Deep Wound to Dinosaur Jr. In fact, Eyes And Flys remind me of Dinosaur Jr. to some degree, mostly because of their slacker stoner vibe. This sounds like a tape that has warped and distorted from heat and age and then played on a player with batteries on their last legs. It’s the sound of being out all night and seeing the sun come up as you stumble upstairs to your apartment. The album really comes together with songs like “Termino,” and “St. Roch.” “Take the Keys” in particular is the standout for me. –Matt Average (eyesandflys.bandcamp.com, [email protected])

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